Hank and Charlie return from their New York flight with Atticus to find that Charlie's place is a huge mess after leaving it with Becca who decided to host a party while they were away. Hank and Karen decide to try and teach Becca a lesson about the life of a rock musician by taking her over to Atticus' home as an example. During their visit they meet Marilyn Manson, who is enjoying illegal substances with Atticus. Hank and Karen decide to leave after observing the crazy antics of Atticus and Marilyn. The plan appears to have worked however, as Becca, who initially liked Atticus' house and wanted to hang out with her idol Marilyn Manson, ends up leaving abruptly with her parents after witnessing the crazy antics between the two rock stars. Charlie spends time with his son Stuart and tries to rekindle his relationship with Marcy. Things do not go well after Marcy finds Charlie in a video on an adult website that is run by a parent whom Charlie met incidentally while spending time with Stuart at a kids restaurant.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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