When the wealthy socialite and druggie Vivian Bowers was found dead of an overdose, no one was surprised. Only FBI agent Will Moreno was convinced that the death was a homicide and that someone in her family did it. He decided to get the help of Detective Joanna Locasto, who grew up in the Bowers' home and was Vivian's best friend, to help find out who killed her. When she attends the funeral, the family embraces her as she begins to uncover secrets about why Vivian was murdered. It also puts her right into the lion's den.

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Deception Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Jan 7, 2013
1:2 Nothing's Free, Little Girl Jan 14, 2013
1:3 A Drop of Blood and a Microscope Jan 21, 2013
1:1 Pilot Mar 11, 2018
1:3 Escapology Mar 25, 2018

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