Will suffers an acute case of bleeding from a stomach ulcer and is hospitalized. There, he learns that an elderly Tennessee resident will not be able to vote because of recently passed voter ID laws in 33 states; this is then the main story when he returns to News Night. Charlie tells the NSA whistle blower, Solomon Hancock, that he cannot use him because he is "contaminated"; later, Hancock commits suicide by throwing himself off the Queensboro Bridge. Sloan tries to raise Congress' intransigence on the debt ceiling to a more prominent position in the news and ponders a job offer. Everything, however, is overshadowed by a showdown long in the making. It finally explodes as Will, Mac and Charlie confront Leona and Reese during a volatile lunch meeting. TMI gossip columnist Nina Howard has information that can destroy Will's career and life by revealing that he was high during the bin Laden report. That bombshell is defused, however, when it is revealed that the magazine obtained the information through phone hacking MacKenzie's voice-mail.

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The Newsroom Season 1

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