Fiona continues her new office job including playing a job softball game. Jimmy breaks the news to her about returning to medical school; he also tells the news to Beto who says it'll be difficult to get Estefania to move with him. Frank continues his new found fame as a spokesperson for a gay rights movement including attracting an anti-gay rights group that wants to "cure" him of his homosexuality by giving him women to have sex with. With that promise, and getting double the pay and a better hotel, Frank scams both groups. Eventually, Frank is caught by the gay-rights group. The second time Lip visits Karen in the hospital he finds out from Sheila about the text message sent from his phone. He didn't send it but doesn't tell anyone yet. Karen responds to Jody's touch so he starts performing oral sex on her; then she recovers from her coma. Ian finds out from Mandy that the woman Mickey is marrying is the same woman he was forced to have sexual intercourse with when Mickey's dad found them having sex. He tells Lip, who advises him to try and move on. Veronica and Kev find out that her mother is pregnant. Jimmy tells Fiona he must go to Michigan to finish attending medical school there. He asks her about coming there to live with him and that the kids can come if she wants, leaving her in dismay. She doesn't want to be apart from him for a year.

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Shameless Season 3

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3:11 Order Room Service Mar 31, 2013
3:12 Survival of the Fittest Apr 7, 2013

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