Freamon tracks Partlow to a Stanfield resupply and makes multiple arrests including Partlow, Stanfield, and Cheese. Carcetti holds a press conference to celebrate the arrests. Stanfield is suspicious of an informant and orders Snoop to kill Michael. Michael realizes the danger, murders Snoop, and goes into hiding. Suddenly homeless, Dukie moves in with the street vendors. Stanfield learns that Omar used his name on the street and is enraged. Greggs goes to Daniels about McNulty's actions. Bubbles celebrates a sobriety anniversary and reporter Mike Fletcher writes a profile about him. Haynes launches a more thorough investigation into Templeton's lies.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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performed by Thin Lizzy

This Song is played in Late Editions part of The Wire Season 5
This song plays as Gus visits Walter Reed, doing some background checks on the story written by Templeton about Terry Hanning, the homeless Iraq War veteran.

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Black Hawk Down

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Late Editions part of The Wire Season 5
Gus visits Walter Reed to talk to one of Terry Hanning's military friend, to investigate Templeton's story. The friend tells Gus that the day in question wasn't anything like "Black Hawk Down" - meaning, there was no firefight that particular day, which is what Templeton wrote about.
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