In the aftermath of Gemma's car accident, Clay and Nero have different approaches on how to help her out of trouble with Jax and Tara. The Sons try to find out who was behind the attack on Jax and Chibs. Meanwhile, Roosevelt promises to give Jax the member of the club that has been informing on them for the RICO case in exchange for Frankie Diamonds. Juice finally lets someone in on all of the secrets that he's been hiding from the club. And Jax devises a plan trap Clay, which involves manipulating his mother.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 5

# Title Air Date
Sons of Anarchy
5:1 Sovereign Sep 11, 2012
5:2 Authority Vested Sep 18, 2012
5:3 Laying Pipe Sep 25, 2012
5:4 Stolen Huffy Oct 2, 2012
5:5 Orca Shrugged Oct 9, 2012
5:6 Small World Oct 16, 2012
5:7 Toad's Wild Ride Oct 23, 2012
5:8 Ablation Oct 30, 2012
5:9 Andare Pescare Nov 6, 2012
5:10 Crucifixed Nov 13, 2012
5:11 To Thine Own Self Nov 20, 2012
5:12 Darthy Nov 27, 2012
5:13 J'ai Obtenu Cette Dec 4, 2012

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