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Family Guy: Save the Clam / Season: 11 / Episode: 19 (00110019) (2013)

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Family Guy: Save the Clam / Season: 11 / Episode: 19 (00110019) (2013) (Television Episode)
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Family Guy

Save the Clam (Television Episode)

Season: 11
Episode: 19
Production Code: 00110019

May 5, 2013
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During a Drunken Clam softball game with Goldman's Pharmacy, Jerome is brought in as a ringer for Mort's team. To win the game, Horace tries to strike him out and Jerome hits the ball which accidentally kills Horace. During the funeral, Jerome apologizes but Peter admits it was just a random chance occurrence. The guys say their goodbyes and head out to have a blow out at The Drunken Clam only to find the bar is foreclosed. The guys are forced to drink at home and Lois objects. Peter and the guys sneak into the Clam for a night of drinking. When they come to the next morning, they find the building is about to be demolished and Peter pulls out a Mossberg and demands they stop as he claims ownership of the bar. During the stand-off, Joe finds himself in an uneasy position and bails out. Lois shows up and demands he come out. Joe is given the task to talk the guys out but when he enters, he rejoins their side and turns against the chief of police. As they are all threatened with arrest, Jerome appears and reveals that he used his sports earnings from lacrosse (which is also his brother's name) to buy the bar and keep it open. The guys find the Drunken Clam modified and themselves relegated to a space on the floor near the garbage since there are three black guys in their usual booth. 
During the funeral, Meg has to go to the bathroom and stumbles into an embalming session. Her lack of squeamishness impresses the Undertaker and he offers her a job. Chris shows up and plays with the deceased bodies to Meg's annoyance since he got locked out of the house and doesn't have the key. When she goes to dress the body of Mr. Dugan, she finds it is missing and accuses Chris of stealing Mr. Dugan's body. Chris admits that he used it to get into “R” rated movies until it fell apart in the swimming pool and she insists that they find it before she kills him. During the funeral, Chris poses as Mr. Dugan (since they weren't able to find Mr. Dugan's body) despite having itchy balls. As they progress, they learn from Helen Dugan that the deceased face was donated for a transplant to a woman who lost her face in a freak chimpanzee accident and Chris loses his. Back at the house, Chris tells Meg that even though he cannot frown, he is unhappy.