Unable to decide on who to appoint to the empty seat on the Supreme Court, President Gilchrist decides to take and untimely family trip to his ranch to clear his head and avoid choosing. Skip is heart broken when finds out his crush Stacy has a boyfriend. Emily thinks Xander and Marigold are too engrossed in technology, so she kidnaps their phones and has them go on a cross country hike to retrieve them, so they may learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. Yet her plan ends up backfiring against her. Becca is having trouble listen to the D.B.'s less then intellectually stimulating.

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1600 Penn Season 1

# Title Air Date
1600 Penn
1:1 Putting Out Fires Dec 17, 2012
1:2 The Skiplantic Ocean Jan 10, 2013
1:3 So You Don't Want to Dance Jan 17, 2013
1:4 Meet the Parent Jan 24, 2013
1:5 Frosting/Nixon Feb 7, 2013
1:6 Skip the Tour Feb 14, 2013
1:7 To the Ranch Feb 28, 2013
1:8 Live From the Lincoln Bedroom Mar 7, 2013
1:9 Game Theory Mar 14, 2013
1:10 The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury Mar 21, 2013
1:11 Dinner, Bath, Puzzle Mar 21, 2013
1:12 Bursting the Bubble Mar 28, 2013
1:13 Marry Me, Baby Mar 28, 2013

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