Polly, and her daughter Natalie, move in with her mother, Elaine, and step-father, Max, after she leaves her husband when she finds that he can't do anything right. Six months after moving in with them she finds that her now ex-husband, Julian, won't stop coming by their house. Polly then gets asked out on a date, but is reluctant to go on one when she finds she'll be a hypocrite because she called her mother a slut for dating after her divorce; Max finds it hard to adjust to only having one testicle after his battle with testicular cancer. Polly's date doesn't go as planned when she lets her date have a drink and then finds that he's an alcoholic; Max gets angry with Julian when he finds that he's been stealing his cream soda, prompting Julian to leave him a box of cream soda at his doorstep.

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof written by Tennessee Williams

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
written by

Date: March 24, 1955
This Play is referred to by Pilot

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