Solomon, the Grand Rebbe of the Morganthal family is preparing to die. He confides to his friend Henry that he is breaking with Hasidic tradition in asking younger son Levi to be the head of the family, as Levi is the most ready. Custom states the role should fall to elder son Jacob. However, Levi is soon stabbed to death. Henry asks Danny to take the case. Levi's widow Rivka offers no clues nor help on the case, as she is protected by Asher Lefko. It is revealed that Levi had a mistress, Karen Waters and that Rivka wanted a divorce. Evidence leads Danny to believe Asher is the killer. They arrest Rivka to trick Asher into confessing. Meanwhile, Henry reveals to Frank that he had a brother who had died of leukemia after only 18 months. Frank's parents kept the secret from him all his life, but Frank had learned his brother's name, Peter Christopher, even if he waited for the truth from Henry. At the family dinner, Frank is asked which of his children should be his successor. He answers that all of them have different qualities that would make each an apt successor. Henry then gives Frank a photo of Peter.

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Blue Bloods Season 3

# Title Air Date
Blue Bloods
3:1 Family Business Sep 28, 2012
3:2 Domestic Disturbance Oct 5, 2012
3:3 Old Wounds Oct 12, 2012
3:4 Scorched Earth Oct 19, 2012
3:5 Risk and Reward Oct 26, 2012
3:6 Greener Grass Nov 2, 2012
3:7 Nightmares Nov 9, 2012
3:8 Higher Education Nov 30, 2012
3:9 Secrets and Lies Dec 7, 2012
3:10 Fathers and Sons Jan 4, 2013
3:11 Front Page News Jan 11, 2013
3:12 Framed Jan 18, 2013
3:13 Inside Jobs Feb 1, 2013
3:14 Men in Black Feb 8, 2013
3:15 Warriors Feb 15, 2013
3:16 Quid Pro Quo Feb 22, 2013
3:17 Protest Too Much Mar 8, 2013
3:18 No Regrets Mar 15, 2013
3:19 Loss of Faith Apr 5, 2013
3:20 Ends and Means Apr 12, 2013
3:21 Devil's Breath Apr 26, 2013
3:22 The Bitter End May 3, 2013
3:23 This Way Out May 10, 2013

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