The group has Randall in custody, and Daryl tortures the prisoner for information. Randall reveals that his old survivor group is heavily armed and contains thirty male members; some of those members once raped a pair of teenage female survivors and forced their father to watch. This convinces the group that letting Randall live is a huge risk. Dale, horrified that the group is actually considering executing Randall, tries to convince everybody they must not sacrifice their humanity. Meanwhile, Carl wanders into the forest and finds a walker trapped in mud. Carl tries and fails to kill it and flees when it starts breaking free from the mud. Back at the farm, Dale fails to convince the group to stop the execution. Rick, Shane, and Daryl take Randall to the barn to execute him, but Rick hesitates when he sees that Carl is watching. He then decides to delay the execution. Meanwhile, Dale encounters a gutted cow dying in the field. When he turns around, he is attacked by a walker and has his stomach ripped open. Daryl kills the walker, and Carl is shocked to see it was the same one he had failed to kill in the forest. Daryl then mercifully kills Dale in order to end his suffering, as well as the eventuality that Dale would become a walker himself.

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The Walking Dead Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Walking Dead
2:1 What Lies Ahead Oct 16, 2011
2:2 Bloodletting Oct 23, 2011
2:3 Save the Last One Oct 30, 2011
2:4 Cherokee Rose Nov 6, 2011
2:5 Chupacabra Nov 13, 2011
2:6 Secrets Nov 20, 2011
2:7 Pretty Much Dead Already Nov 27, 2011
2:8 Nebraska Feb 12, 2012
2:9 Triggerfinger Feb 19, 2012
2:10 18 Miles Out Feb 26, 2012
2:11 Judge, Jury, Executioner Mar 4, 2012
2:12 Better Angels Mar 11, 2012
2:13 Beside the Dying Fire Mar 18, 2012