Rick and Shane travel to a municipal building in a town and have a frank discussion about Shane's feelings for Lori and about the circumstances surrounding Otis' death, with Shane questioning his friend's ability to make the hard decisions. They've taken the wounded man from the previous episode 18 miles out from the farm to abandon him. The man begs them to let him stay, inadvertently revealing that he went to school with Maggie and thus knows the location of the farm. Shane wants to kill him, but Rick says he needs to think about it first. Their disagreement leads to a fight, which awakens a group of walkers from inside the building. All three barely make it out alive. Back at the farm, Beth says she's given up on life and is contemplating suicide. Both Lori and Maggie attempt to talk her out of it and want to place her under watch, but Andrea says Beth needs to find her own reasons to keep living. Beth locks herself in the bathroom and uses a piece of broken mirror to slit her wrist, but Lori manages to break open the door before she bleeds out. Maggie and Lori are furious with Andrea for not keeping an eye on Beth; Andrea defends herself by saying Beth no longer wants to commit suicide and Hershel was able to save her. Rick tells Shane that he needs to follow his (Rick's) lead from now on. They then put the injured attacker back in the trunk and drive back to the farm.

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The Walking Dead Season 2

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