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Stewie is blamed for urinating all over the house; however, it is actually Brian who is responsible; after urinating on the carpet once more overnight, Stewie is blamed. The next morning, Peter decides to potty train Stewie, with little success. When the family goes to the local supermarket to buy groceries, Brian urinates in the checkout line, revealing to the family that Stewie is innocent. The family attempts to counsel Brian with therapy, where Brian's psychiatrist Dr. Kaplan believes that he is having a mid-life crisis. Brain attempts to entertain himself by exploring the world, but upon returning home, Stewie gets revenge on Brian and frames him by urinating all over the living room. Brian is falsely accused and the family return him to Dr. Kaplan to find the true cause. After revealing that his most recent accident happened after watching Lois and Peter engaging in a water fight on the car, Dr. Kaplan informs Brian that he is most likely in love with Lois. After discussing the situation, both agree to remain friends. Afterwards, Brian decides to live life to the fullest by golfing with Peter on the local golf course.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Television Series are referenced by this Television Episode?

It refers to...
The Jetsons

The Jetsons

Dates: September 23, 1962 - 1987
This Television Series is referred to by Brian in Love
A scene after the opening credits shows George Jetson getting stuck on the treadmill, and after he finally gets off he comes in to yell at Jane

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Title Year

written by

11/22/63 written by Stephen King 2011

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2:4 Brian in Love Mar 7, 2001

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