Jamie takes Richmond back to the office, where he reveals that Rosie had overheard everything between him, Chief Jackson, and Michael Ames about planting the Indian bones on the waterfront and that he had discovered her there after Jackson and Ames had left. When Rosie started screaming, Jamie hit her to quiet her, and she fell. Thinking he had killed her, Jamie drove her to the woods, but Rosie surprised him and ran, and he chased her to the lake where she was eventually dumped. Linden and Holder arrive as Jamie takes out Richmond's gun. Holder shoots him dead. Thinking the case is solved, Linden and Holder go to the Larsens and find them gone and Terry packing up the garage. There, Linden connects Terry to the killing through the broken taillight on her car and Terry makes her confession: she had picked Ames up from the ferry, and they were about to depart for Las Vegas, when Ames received a call from a panicked Jamie. Terry drove them to the lake, where Jamie and Ames get into a fierce argument about what to do with the body. Terry, not realizing Rosie was in the trunk and fearing that she could lose Ames, pushed the car into the lake. Terry is arrested and refuses a lawyer. In Jamie's apartment, they find the missing footage from Rosie's camera, another super 8 film called, What I Know, which Linden anonymously sends to the Larsens. It shows Rosie preparing to depart for her journey, and she professes her love for her parents and brothers, giving the Larsen family closure. Richmond is elected mayor and decides to leave his wife's death in the past. Linden lets go of the Larsen case.

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