The detail is dismayed at the lack of activity from their subjects and realizes that they must be changing their operating procedure. Nick moves higher in the underworld when Vondas allows him to wholesale drugs on their behalf. On the new drug corner they commandeered from their rivals Bodie and crew are involved in a shootout that kills a child. Rawls greets Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin at the scene of the shooting; Colvin disapproves of Rawls' counter-strategy of large-scale strike operations through the Western District. Stringer meets with Proposition Joe behind Avon's back to discuss turning over some West side territory in exchange for a cut of the Greeks' drugs. Avon complicates Stringer's attempted betrayal by hiring feared hitman Brother Mouzone to drive off rival dealers.

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The Wire Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Wire
2:1 Ebb Tide Jun 1, 2003
2:2 Collateral Damage Jun 8, 2003
2:3 Hot Shots Jun 15, 2003
2:4 Hard Cases Jun 22, 2003
2:5 Undertow Jun 29, 2003
2:6 All Prologue Jul 6, 2003
2:7 Backwash Jul 13, 2003
2:8 Duck and Cover Jul 27, 2003
2:9 Stray Rounds Aug 3, 2003
2:10 Storm Warnings Aug 10, 2003
2:11 Bad Dreams Aug 17, 2003
2:12 Port in a Storm Aug 24, 2003

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