McNulty deals with the disappointment of his failed reconciliation with his wife by returning to his old drinking and womanizing habits while falling further into depression. The detail closes in on Sergei Malatov when they track his cell phone through his truck rental paperwork. Concerned about the union's finances, Sobotka decides to pay the bills and discovers that his cell phone account was flagged so as to not have service disconnected. Becoming paranoid, he smuggles a container without contraband to see the results, and his suspicions solidify when the police pull the container over. Frank and Nick visit the diner to meet with The Greek; The Greek tells him to deliver more disappeared but clean containers to the shut down warehouse as suspicions mount about possible interest from the police. With his business faltering, Bodie moves his crew into new territory.

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The Wire Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Wire
2:1 Ebb Tide Jun 1, 2003
2:2 Collateral Damage Jun 8, 2003
2:3 Hot Shots Jun 15, 2003
2:4 Hard Cases Jun 22, 2003
2:5 Undertow Jun 29, 2003
2:6 All Prologue Jul 6, 2003
2:7 Backwash Jul 13, 2003
2:8 Duck and Cover Jul 27, 2003
2:9 Stray Rounds Aug 3, 2003
2:10 Storm Warnings Aug 10, 2003
2:11 Bad Dreams Aug 17, 2003
2:12 Port in a Storm Aug 24, 2003

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