Cutty convinces Avon to give him money to fund his gym. Brother Mouzone forms an alliance with Omar when he discovers that Stringer betrayed him. Royce continues to delay closing down the tolerant zones alienating Burrell and Watkins. Burrell leaks the story to Carcetti. Stringer learns that he has been conned into making political contributions for no return and tries to convince Avon to order the murder of Senator Clay Davis. The wiretaps begin to yield information about the Barksdale organization and the unit get a recording of Stringer discussing contract killers. Stringer meets with Colvin and gives him the location of Avon's safehouse believing that returning Avon to prison is the best way to end the war. Meanwhile, Brother Mouzone meets with Avon and convinces him to give Stringer's whereabouts away so that he can exact his revenge. Omar and Mouzone ambush and kill Stringer.

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The Wire Season 3

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The Wire
3:1 Time After Time Sep 19, 2004
3:2 All Due Respect Sep 27, 2004
3:3 Dead Soldiers Oct 3, 2004
3:4 Hamsterdam Oct 10, 2004
3:5 Straight and True Oct 17, 2004
3:6 Homecoming Oct 31, 2004
3:7 Back Burners Nov 7, 2004
3:8 Moral Midgetry Nov 14, 2004
3:9 Slapstick Nov 21, 2004
3:10 Reformation Nov 28, 2004
3:11 Middle Ground Dec 12, 2004
3:12 Mission Accomplished Dec 19, 2004

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