Royce strikes back against Carcetti with his mayoral powers, however, he alienates State Delegate Watkins over his refusal to fund witness protection. Carcetti impresses Watkins by his reserved behavior at the funeral of the murdered witness. Bunk visits Jimmy McNulty and Beadie Russell for dinner and finds McNulty sober and enjoying domestic life. Marlo Stanfield visits Bodie's corner and muscles him into selling the Stanfield package. Marlo is impressed with Michael a second time when he sees him working for Bodie. Proposition Joe and his New Day Co-Op face problems on two fronts; New York drug dealers on the East side and the Stanfield Organization in the West; they agree to attempt to negotiate with Marlo. Omar Little robs a Stanfield stash house. Rawls sends a caustic new lieutenant to gut the major case unit from the inside. Freamon and Kima Greggs leave for the homicide unit. Howard "Bunny" Colvin embarks on a new career as a researcher into violent behavior. Prez is shocked by a violent incident in his classroom.

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The Wire Season 4

# Title Air Date
The Wire
4:1 Boys of Summer Sep 10, 2006
4:2 Soft Eyes Sep 17, 2006
4:3 Home Rooms Sep 24, 2006
4:4 Refugees Oct 1, 2006
4:5 Alliances Oct 8, 2006
4:6 Margin of Error Oct 15, 2006
4:7 Unto Others Oct 29, 2006
4:8 Corner Boys Nov 5, 2006
4:9 Know Your Place Nov 12, 2006
4:10 Misgivings Nov 19, 2006
4:11 A New Day Nov 26, 2006
4:12 That's Got His Own Dec 3, 2006
4:13 Final Grades Dec 10, 2006