Daniels tells Carcetti that McNulty fabricated the serial killer. Fearing for his campaign, Carcetti orders a cover-up and Daniels is angry but accepts the orders for the sake of the careers of those peripherally involved. Freamon learns that Levy is involved with leaking courthouse documents to drug dealers and tells Pearlman. McNulty and Freamon decide to retire when Pearlman warns them that they are going to be re-assigned to dead-end units. Levy realizes the Stanfield investigation relied upon an illegal wiretap. As part of the cover-up, Pearlman negotiates a deal with Levy; Levy will escape charges for the leak, Stanfield's charges will be suspended and he will go free but be forced to leave the drug game, while the others in custody will plead guilty to the charges. Stanfield sells the connection to The Greeks back to the Co-Op and plans to become a business man. Daniels refuses to falsify statistics to help Carcetti's election campaign. Campbell brings up his past to blackmail him into compliance but Daniels instead elects to stand down and begins a new career as a defense attorney. For their part in the cover-up Pearlman and Rawls are rewarded with promotions; Pearlman becomes a judge and Rawls is made State Police Superintendent. Michael becomes a stick-up artist. Dukie begins using heroin. Carcetti goes on to become Governor, Campbell replaces him as Mayor and promotes Valchek to commissioner. Kenard is seen getting arrested.

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This Movie is referred to by -30- part of The Wire Season 5
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This Play is the basis of -30- part of The Wire Season 5
Landsman quotes this play when he uses, "No traveler has ever returned" quote in his speech.

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performed by Soul Coughing


Season:  3  / Episode:  1 


performed by Marc Anthony

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performed by Trio Da Paz


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Criminal Minds:
Season:  14  / Episode:  1