Niles has been having a difficult time recently, being surrounded by happy couples: Frasier and Faye; Daphne and Donny; and now Martin and Bonnie, a woman from McGinty's (previously seen in Our Parents, Ourselves). He meets Roz late one Saturday in Cafe Nervosa, and she has also had a bad day; her date cancelled earlier, and she resents the waitress serving them, whom she knows from the gym. The next day, Frasier is surprised to discover that she gave into her loneliness and slept with Bulldog, and is now mortified with embarrassment. Later on, Daphne confides in him the awful truth that she has lost her engagement ring, and is trying to conceal the fact from Donny. Niles apparently goes missing, not answering any phone calls, and Frasier and Martin suddenly panic in case he, also driven by loneliness, has gone back to Maris. They hasten to the Montana, only to discover that he is with Kit, the waitress from Cafe Nervosa whom Roz dislikes.

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performed by The Beatles

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This Song is referred to by Shutout in Seattle (Part 1) part of Frasier Season 6
At breakfast, Daphne tells everyone that the band at the restaurant she went to the previous night, knew all of her favorite songs: Yesterday, As Long As He Needs Me, and Climb Ev'ry Mountain.

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