Roger tells Don of a potential new client, Sunkist. They inform Ted prior to their partners meeting and Ted loses his temper because he and Jim have been preparing a proposal to land Ocean Spray, which would present a conflict. Sally and her friend, Julie, are staying with Don and Megan in order to attend a Model U.N. meeting in Midtown. In the lobby they meet the Rosens' son, Mitchell. Megan learns that Mitchell has dropped out of college and has been classified as 1-A, making him eligible for the military draft. Don then discusses Mitchell's situation at a client dinner that evening with Chevy, and the next morning Ted informs Don of a connection he has in the Air National Guard that can help with Mitchell's situation, but only agrees to help if Don drops Sunkist. Don tries to contact Dr. Rosen and gets Sylvia instead, who is overjoyed that Don has intervened. Julie informs Sally that she wrote a love letter to Mitchell, signed Sally's name, then slipped it under door of the Rosen's apartment. Sally goes back to the building and receives keys for the hotel from the doorman. Sally goes to to the Rosen's apartment to retrieve the letter and sees Don and Sylvia having sex, and Sally runs out of the room. Later that night Don returns to his apartment, and Dr. Rosen and Mitchell drop in to thank Don. Sally storms off to her room. Sally locks the door and Don tries to explain that Sylvia was upset and he was only trying to comfort her, adding that the situation is "complicated." Don asks Sally if she understands and goes off to bed

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Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

This Movie is referred to by Favors part of Mad Men Season 6
The ad agency uses the film 'Rosemary's Baby' in an ad campaign for St. Joseph aspirin.

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