The newly merged creative team brainstorms how they will market margarine, for Fleischmann's. Don, who is trysting with Sylvia, shows up late, as the meeting wraps, and Ted Chaough chastises him. As a peace offering, Don shares drinks with Ted, but the latter ends up visibly drunk, earning Don Peggy's ire. Don, playing a dominant sex role, sequesters Sylvia in a hotel room, keeps her in the dark about when he'll return, and has delivered to her a red spaghetti strapped dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. He takes the book she is reading with him to read on his flight to Buffalo. After a dream wherein Don dies in a plane crash, and Sylvia attends his funeral and must comfort Megan, Sylvia ends her and Don's affair. Joan falls ill, and Bob Benson discreetly escorts her to the hospital and secures expedited treatment. Roger fires Benson's supervisor, Burt Peterson (for a second time), but Joan saves Benson's job. Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated on the wedding day of Roger Sterling's daughter, Margaret.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Gilligan's Island

This Television Series is referred to by Man with a Plan part of Mad Men Season 6
Different margarine brands are compared to characters from this show
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Mad Men Season 6

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Mad Men
6:1 The Doorway, Part 1 Apr 7, 2013
6:2 The Doorway, Part 2 Apr 7, 2013
6:3 Collaborators Apr 14, 2013
6:4 To Have and to Hold Apr 21, 2013
6:5 The Flood Apr 28, 2013
6:6 For Immediate Release May 5, 2013
6:7 Man with a Plan May 12, 2013
6:8 The Crash May 19, 2013
6:9 The Better Half May 26, 2013
6:10 A Tale of Two Cities Jun 2, 2013
6:11 Favors Jun 9, 2013
6:12 The Quality of Mercy Jun 16, 2013
6:13 In Care Of Jun 23, 2013