When Ryan becomes increasingly annoyed with Jenna's boyfriend Drew, Wilfred suggests that he and Ryan sabotage Jenna and Drew's relationship. Ryan refuses to interfere with Jenna's relationship with Drew until Wilfred informs him of Drew's competitiveness in sports. Ryan goads Drew into playing a game of ping-pong, which Drew wins before gloating and breaking some of Ryan's personal property, causing Jenna to break up with Drew. Ryan is unable to resist his conscience and decides to mend the relationship between Drew and Jenna. However, Wilfred poisons Ryan. Ryan rushes to the hospital, only to learn that Wilfred had "poisoned" him with chocolate, which is only toxic to dogs. Ryan ignores Wilfred for the rest of the day. 
Opening quote: "Conscience is the dog that can't bite, but never stops barking." - Proverb

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Wilfred Season 1

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