Ryan and Wilfred both volunteer to work at a hospice to impress Jenna. While there Ryan learns that Wilfred has a "gift" where he can sense when the old people are about to die. The first time Ryan exploits Wilfred's gift to get on Lisa's (Rashida Jones) good side, but the second time Wilfred kills an old woman by suffocating her. Jenna tells Ryan that she will do a story based on Wilfred's "gift", but when Wilfred breaks into the drug closet and gets high, things spiral out of control. Wilfred allegedly kills Ruby, a nurse who works there. Ryan confronts Wilfred about this and tells him he never wanted any of this.[clarification needed] Jenna cancels Ryan's segment in favor of doing the story of a nurse who stole drugs and killed herself as a result of "guilt". 
Opening quote: "Seek respect mainly from thyself, for it comes first from within." - Steven H. Coogler

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Wilfred Season 1

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