Ryan begins to feel that Wilfred is spending too much time at home and not doing enough activities, so he and Jenna sign Wilfred up to stay at a dog daycare center run by a man named Daryl (Ed Helms). Ryan also tries to care for his sister Kristen when she falls and sprains her ankle. When Ryan picks up Wilfred from the daycare center he finds out that Wilfred has been the subject of animal cruelty. Daryl has been putting his testicles in peanut butter and Wilfred licks it off leaving him traumatized. Ryan at first doesn't believe him because he thinks that Wilfred is just using guilt to get attention. But Ryan learns of the truth and rescues Wilfred from another game of cruelty. Ryan takes Wilfred away and Wilfred also takes the stuffed bear Daryl had in his office with him. Wilfred and Ryan go back to his place and promise not to use guilt on each other ever again, which both Wilfred and Ryan do a few seconds later. 
Opening quote: "Happiness can exist only in acceptance." - George Orwell

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