When Ryan fears his neighbor Spencer has been paying special attention to him lately, Wilfred, amidst talk of confrontation and dominance, confesses that he left Ryan’s wallet at Spencer’s house the night they broke into it. Ryan avoids a conflict when Spencer confronts him with the wallet, causing Spencer to want to hang out with Ryan, much to his dismay. Later, when a prank on Wilfred with a laser pointer causes the dog to attack their Indian neighbor, Ryan tries to bribe the animal control officer taking him to cut him loose, but he turns out to be Spencer's ex-best friend, Jesse. Wilfred is taken to be put down, and Ryan takes Spencer to the pound, leaving him to talk to Jesse. After Ryan gets the two men to mend fences, Jesse gives Wilfred back. Thinking its over, Ryan returns home, only to find Jesse and Spencer in his house making plans for the three of them. Ryan snaps and confesses to everything to Spencer, causing him to assault Ryan. Wilfred hits Spencer with a bone, knocking him unconscious, and Ryan, coached by Wilfred, gets Jesse to take Spencer out of Ryan's house, never to return. 
Opening quote: "Fear has its uses but cowardice has none." - Mahatma Gandhi

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