A woman reaches out to Jeff in a "Cult" chat room. Her husband disappeared under similar circumstances as Nate, and she wants to meet and work together. Skye and Jeff wait for the woman in the meeting place. Meanwhile, a man, Terrence, watches them to see if they are true believers or not. Jeff's mystery date, Anya, hired Terrence to find her husband, Romy. When Terrence deems that Jeff is not a True Believer, Anya joins the group. She has Romy's notebook, exactly like Nate's, and Skye finds the same mystery CD in it. The four go looking for Romy and Nate in a fan club and later, in the studio.

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Cult Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 You're Next Feb 19, 2013
1:2 In the Blood Feb 26, 2013
1:3 Being Billy May 8, 2013
1:4 Get with the Program May 15, 2013
1:5 The Kiss May 22, 2013
1:6 The Good Fight May 29, 2013
1:8 The Devil You Know Jun 28, 2013
1:9 Off to See the Wizard Jun 28, 2013
1:10 The Prophecy of St. Clare Jul 5, 2013
1:11 Flip the Script Jul 5, 2013
1:12 1987 Jul 12, 2013
1:13 Executive Producer Steven Rae Jul 12, 2013
1:7 Suffer the Children Aug 5, 2013

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