In the fifth season finale, Eric arrives just in time where he finally kills Russell Edgington and saves the faeries. Eric holds Nora back from draining Sookie, who has saved his life on more than one occasion. Along with Nora and Tara, he convinces Sookie to assist them in overthrowing the Authority, with Jason tagging along. Jason carries his parents' images with him, who aren't fond of vampires. Meanwhile, Luna skinwalks as Steve Newlin to rescue Emma and announces the Authority's crimes to the world while Steve is on air. Sam breaks free and ends up killing Chancellor Rosalyn and escapes with Luna, Emma and the rest of the humans. Back in Bon Temps, Andy is forced by the pregnant Maurella to deliver her quadruplet faerie babies with assistance from Holly; afterwards, she goes off without them. Alcide, with help from some vampire blood from his father, kills J.D. and takes over as the new leader of the pack. At the climax, Sookie, Eric, Nora, Tara, and Jason team up to lead an all-out assault on the Authority complex and kill all of the guards in a huge bloodbath. Sookie and Tara free Pam and Jessica from the holding cells where the reunited Pam and Tara share an affectionate kiss much to Sookie's surprise and Jessica's amusement. Before Sookie and Eric go after Bill by themselves, Bill tricks Salome into drinking blood laced with silver and kills her. He then drinks all of Lilith's blood in front of Sookie and Eric, faces the "true death," only to rise a more powerful, un-killable, and very evil vampire than before. Eric screams for Sookie to run.

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True Blood Season 5

# Title Air Date
True Blood
5:1 Turn! Turn! Turn! Jun 10, 2012
5:2 Authority Always Wins Jun 17, 2012
5:3 Whatever I Am, You Made Me Jun 24, 2012
5:4 We'll Meet Again Jul 1, 2012
5:5 Let's Boot and Rally Jul 8, 2012
5:6 Hopeless Jul 15, 2012
5:7 In the Beginning Jul 22, 2012
5:8 Somebody That I used to Know Jul 29, 2012
5:9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Aug 5, 2012
5:10 Gone, Gone, Gone Aug 12, 2012
5:11 Sunset Aug 19, 2012
5:12 Save Yourself Aug 26, 2012

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