Sookie, with the help of Lafayette, receives a clue from the ghost of her deceased grandmother implicating the retired Bon Temps Sheriff Bud Dearborne as having knowledge of her parents' deaths. She goes to Bud's house to investigate but is assaulted and held captive in a pigpen with Hoyt. Meanwhile, Andy and Jason discover that Bud is the mastermind behind the shifter murders just as he and his mistress attempt to feed Hoyt to swine. Aided by Sam, Andy and Jason track Bud down to his farm and shoot him in time to save Sookie, but Hoyt's fate is uncertain. Also, Terry confronts and kills Patrick, whose body is claimed by the Ifrit, thus settling Terry's blood debt. Elsewhere, Russell goes to J.D.'s pack gathering and kidnaps Emma, much to the despair of her grandmother Martha. At Authority Headquarters, Eric attempts to escape, but is discovered and captured after Bill betrays him.

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