Salome reveals to everyone at Authority where her true allegiances lie, admitting she was the one who dug up Russell's grave after following Eric and Bill the night Russell was buried alive and Nora was her patsy to divert suspicion away from her. In Bon Temps, Sookie considers life without fairy powers; after discovering that her fairy powers are finite, she decides to use them up on the night sky. After a fight with Jessica, Jason runs towards the light in the sky emitted by Sookie. Meanwhile, Sam locates one of the shooters at the hospital after catching his scent. Hoyt finds a new group of friends whom are the vigilantes hunting "supers". Alcide prepares for a fight with J.D. for leadership of the pack. Tara finally confronts and breaks all ties with her mother after revealing herself as a vampire. Elsewhere, Lafayette travels to Mexico and searches for Jesus' body but ends up getting held hostage by Jesus' uncle. The Chancellors, Nora, Bill and Eric, now under Russell's lead, drink the blood of Lilith and become high. They raid a private party on Bourbon Street and feast on all of the humans present. A vision of Lilith (Jessica Clark) appears, commanding them to continue draining the humans, while looking at Nora. Godric appears in a vision to Eric, stating Eric knows what he is doing is wrong but his sister does not, and Eric must save her.

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True Blood Season 5

# Title Air Date
True Blood
5:1 Turn! Turn! Turn! Jun 10, 2012
5:2 Authority Always Wins Jun 17, 2012
5:3 Whatever I Am, You Made Me Jun 24, 2012
5:4 We'll Meet Again Jul 1, 2012
5:5 Let's Boot and Rally Jul 8, 2012
5:6 Hopeless Jul 15, 2012
5:7 In the Beginning Jul 22, 2012
5:8 Somebody That I used to Know Jul 29, 2012
5:9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Aug 5, 2012
5:10 Gone, Gone, Gone Aug 12, 2012
5:11 Sunset Aug 19, 2012
5:12 Save Yourself Aug 26, 2012


Season:  5  / Episode:  10 
In the Beginning