After Aaron Two Rivers (Gary Farmer), dressed as a contrary warrior, rides backwards on a horse past Walt's house, Walt expects to find a dead body. His team is called to the town psychic's murder. Psychic "Cassandra" is revealed to be Cynthia Two Rivers, a Cheyenne fraud who does background checks on her clients to glean information about them. Vic learns that the psychic had receipts for bar tabs and liquor stores, but no liquor was found on her property. Walt talks to Aaron, who appears drunk at the public debate for sheriff. Through role reversal with Walt as Aaron, he gets Aaron to confess to his sister's murder. He was the true psychic with "thunder dreams"; she was going to cut him off financially and have him committed as a paranoid schizophrenic. At the psychic's residence, Vic finds a box with "Longmire" written on it and gives it to Walt. He opens it with Cady. Inside is a tape of Martha Longmire's visit to Cassandra, who tells her that she will not die from terminal cancer. When Martha asks about Walt, Cady turns off the tape before the answer is given.

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Longmire Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Unquiet Mind May 27, 2013
2:2 Carcasses Jun 3, 2013
2:3 Death Came in Like Thunder Jun 10, 2013
2:4 The Road to Hell Jun 17, 2013
2:5 Party's Over Jun 24, 2013
2:6 Tell It Slant Jul 1, 2013
2:7 Sound and Fury Jul 8, 2013
2:8 The Great Spirit Jul 15, 2013
2:9 Tuscan Red Jul 22, 2013

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