Leslie, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation for Pawnee, Indiana, plans for an upcoming town hall meeting about her proposal to turn a construction pit into a park. She invites her mother Marlene, an official with the county school system, but she does not appear supportive and tells Leslie she may be too busy to attend. Leslie holds a subcommittee meeting with Tom, interested citizen Ann Perkins, intern April Ludgate and planner Mark Brendanawicz. Mark warns her it might be too early for a meeting with the public, who could opt to vote the proposal down if they are unhappy with it. Leslie remains confident about the meeting and says the group will be doing neighborhood canvassing to try to win support

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Parks and Recreation Season 1

# Title Air Date
Parks and Recreation
1:1 Pilot Apr 9, 2009
1:2 Canvassing Apr 16, 2009
1:3 The Reporter Apr 23, 2009
1:4 Boys' Club Apr 30, 2009
1:5 The Banquet May 7, 2009
1:6 Rock Show May 14, 2009

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