The episode opens with Leslie and Tom responding to an incident at a park trail, where teenage boys are picking up plastic baggies of dog droppings and throwing them at each other; Leslie tries to stop them but ends up playing along with the boys and admitting it is fun. Later, at the Pawnee town hall, a construction company has sent a gift basket with wine and cheese to the parks department, but Leslie locks it away because they are not allowed to accept gifts over $25. Later, she and the others in the department look at a new social-networking site that April has set up for the pit construction project. The site already has seven friends, including city planner Mark who Leslie is disappointed to see is friends with many scantily-clad young women. Leslie and Ann see Mark and other city planners drinking beer in the city hall courtyard. Leslie describes it as the exclusive "boys' club" and proposes the two ladies crash it.

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Parks and Recreation Season 1

# Title Air Date
Parks and Recreation
1:1 Pilot Apr 9, 2009
1:2 Canvassing Apr 16, 2009
1:3 The Reporter Apr 23, 2009
1:4 Boys' Club Apr 30, 2009
1:5 The Banquet May 7, 2009
1:6 Rock Show May 14, 2009

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