Leslie is proud that her mother, school system employee Marlene Griggs-Knope, is to receive a public service award during an upcoming banquet. Ann, excited to go to a social event after spending so much time taking care of her injured, freeloading boyfriend Andy, is told by Leslie to dress very formally. Leslie visits an old-fashioned barber, who unbeknownst to her only gives men's haircuts; she is given a very short, mannish hairstyle, which she is very proud of. Leslie and Ann, who is embarrassed to learn is extremely overdressed in an expensive pink dress, arrive together at the banquet, where they are mistaken for a lesbian couple by many of the attendees. Tom sucks up to Marlene during his banquet speech, while Ron sticks to a “fact-based” speech (“It is true that you have won this award.”)

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Parks and Recreation Season 1

# Title Air Date
Parks and Recreation
1:1 Pilot Apr 9, 2009
1:2 Canvassing Apr 16, 2009
1:3 The Reporter Apr 23, 2009
1:4 Boys' Club Apr 30, 2009
1:5 The Banquet May 7, 2009
1:6 Rock Show May 14, 2009

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