The parks and recreation department have cake to celebrate Andy having his leg casts removed, and Ann invites everybody to a local bar to hear Andy's first rock concert since he broke his leg. Leslie is disappointed she cannot go, because her mother has set up a business meeting with a local town manager. Later at the hospital, Ann learns from Dr. Harris that Andy could have had his casts removed two weeks earlier, but that he postponed it because he wanted Ann to keep pampering him. Angry, Ann begins reevaluating her relationship with Andy. Later that evening, Leslie realizes the dinner with 62-year-old George Gernway is actually a blind date set up by her mother. George, who tells the documentary camera crew he is getting "very positive signals", agrees to go with Leslie to the rock show.

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Parks and Recreation Season 1

# Title Air Date
Parks and Recreation
1:1 Pilot Apr 9, 2009
1:2 Canvassing Apr 16, 2009
1:3 The Reporter Apr 23, 2009
1:4 Boys' Club Apr 30, 2009
1:5 The Banquet May 7, 2009
1:6 Rock Show May 14, 2009

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