Cathy's four months of insurance coverage expires and she leaves the hospice to return home. She doesn't want to die at home and asks Sean to kill her. Sean learns his kidney is going to a wealthy man who is grateful and tries to give him a Rolex. This blatant materialism offends Sean, although he decides to go through with the kidney donation. Andrea believes Cathy will beat her cancer, and almost misses out on an internship in New York with Isaac Mizrahi. Paul brings Cathy's father (Brian Dennehy) to see her so that she can make amends. Adam seems distant and is revealed to have been taking extra courses to graduate a year early, allowing Cathy to see him get his high school diploma. Paul brings Cathy her favorite flowers, but arrives home shortly after she died. Her therapist is revealed to have been a higher being and during the closing credits Cathy is seen floating in a swimming pool with Marlene and Thomas.

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