Rebecca Halliday interviews Maggie about the events of the past year. Maggie and another producer, Gary (Chris Chalk) leave for Africa. They go to an orphanage in Uganda to do a PR story about the work of US troops. While there, Maggie befriends a little boy named Daniel. After the soldiers leave and the reporters are left at the orphanage overnight, gunmen arrive and Daniel is shot and killed while Maggie is carrying him on her back as they evacuate. Will interviews Shelly (Aya Cash), one of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and embarrasses her on air. Jerry and Neal learn that she knows a person who may have knowledge of Genoa, but she won't lead them to the person until Will apologizes. Jerry and Neal find the person they were looking for and he gives them a report he wrote for an NGO, where he documents the use of chemical weapons. Jim is insulted by the Romney Campaign's spokesperson, Taylor Warren (Constance Zimmer), and is offered a 30 minute one on one with Mitt Romney, but gives it to Hallie. Takes place between September 30 and October 3, 2011. The last scene skips several months into the future where Maggie cuts her hair due to the events that occurred in Africa.

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The Newsroom Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Newsroom
2:1 First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers Jul 14, 2013
2:2 The Genoa Tip Jul 21, 2013
2:3 Willie Pete Jul 28, 2013
2:4 Unintended Consequences Aug 4, 2013
2:5 News Night with Will McAvoy Aug 11, 2013
2:6 One Step Too Many Aug 18, 2013
2:7 Red Team III Aug 25, 2013
2:8 Election Night, Part I Sep 8, 2013
2:9 Election Night, Part 2 Sep 15, 2013

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