After Harvey Specter, New York City's best closer, finally achieves his goal of becoming a senior partner at Pearson Hardman, he discovers he must hire a new associate from Harvard Law School. Mike stumbles into the interviews when he discovers his drug delivery is a sting operation. Even though Mike never attended law school, Harvey is impressed enough with Mike, (and disgusted enough with the other applicants) to hire him. To keep his promotion, Harvey must personally handle a pro bono case, in which a woman claims her boss sexually harassed her. Instead, he assigns it to Mike.

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Suits Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Jun 23, 2011
1:2 Errors and Omissions Jun 30, 2011
1:3 Inside Track Jul 7, 2011
1:4 Dirty Little Secrets Jul 14, 2011
1:5 Bail Out Jul 21, 2011
1:6 Tricks of the Trade Jul 28, 2011
1:7 Play the Man Aug 4, 2011
1:8 Identity Crisis Aug 11, 2011
1:9 Undefeated Aug 18, 2011
1:10 The Shelf Life Aug 25, 2011
1:11 Rules of the Game Sep 1, 2011
1:12 Dogfight Sep 8, 2011

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