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The Walking Dead: Internment / Season: 4 / Episode: 5 (00040005) (2013)

The Walking Dead: Internment / Season: 4 / Episode: 5 (00040005) (2013) (Television Episode)
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The Walking Dead

Internment (Television Episode)

Season: 4
Episode: 5
Production Code: 00040005

November 10, 2013
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Rick returns to the prison and tells Maggie and Hershel that Carol killed Karen, and thus he sent her off. Meanwhile, in the quarantined cell block, Hershel continues to care for the sick, with Sasha and Glenn assisting him, as the conditions of the infected worsen, with many succumbing to the flu and reanimating as walkers. Despite their dire situation, he maintains optimism and comforts the other people in the quarantined area. The reanimated quickly increase and overrun the cell block, and Hershel, Glenn, Sasha and Lizzie fend for their lives. Hearing the gunshots inside the prison, Maggie rushes to the quarantined zone, while the exterior fence gives way to walkers, who are killed by Rick and Carl using automatic rifles. Maggie manages to enter the cell block by shooting the window, eliminates the remaining undead and rushes to her father's aid, while Hershel is tending to a dying Glenn. As Carl reassures his father, Daryl's group returns, and Bob administers medicine to the remaining infected survivors, including Glenn and Sasha. Hershel returns to his cell block and breaks down in tears. When Daryl approaches him about Carol, he only tells him that he should speak to Rick. The remaining survivors dispose of the walker corpses. As Rick and Carl continue to tend to their crops, the prison is revealed to be observed by the Governor.