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The Walking Dead: Indifference / Season: 4 / Episode: 4 (00040004) (2013)

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The Walking Dead: Indifference / Season: 4 / Episode: 4 (00040004) (2013) (Television Episode)
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The Walking Dead

Indifference (Television Episode)

Season: 4
Episode: 4
Production Code: 00040004

November 3, 2013
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Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese set off to find a new car. In the process of clearing brush away from the front door of an auto shop, Tyreese forcefully breaks open wires blocking the door and walkers attack the group through the brush. Tyreese intentionally lets himself be overtaken by a walker, but Daryl and Bob save him. Rick takes Carol along on a supply run, and they come upon a house where they discover two survivors, a couple named Ana and Sam. After Carol realigns Sam's dislocated shoulder, the Ana and Sam request to join Rick's group at the prison, despite the viral outbreak. Rick agrees, telling them to stay put until Carol and he finish sweeping the neighborhood. When the two offer to help scrounge for supplies, Carol suggests they do so, against Rick's protests. Rick gives Ana and Sam guns and gives Sam his watch, so they will know what time to regroup. Carol then gives Rick her dead husband's watch. Daryl and the others get a car working and head off to the college again. When alone together, Bob tells Daryl about his alcoholism and his culpability for Zach's earlier death in the store; Daryl tells Bob that's nonsense, and reminds him Bob's no longer alone. At the college, Bob is almost killed trying to protect his bag, which contains only alcohol that he found at the college and no medical supplies. Daryl almost beats Bob, but Tyreese calls him off and Daryl simply threatens Bob. Before leaving the college, Michonne tells Daryl that she finally agrees that The Governor's trail has "gone cold" and she is no longer going to look for him. Carol tells Rick she saved Karen and Dave from a horrible death as well as prevented their infecting other survivors; Rick says she was wrong: the two might have lived. Carol and Rick find Ana's body being eaten by walkers; Sam never shows back up. When preparing to leave, Rick tells Carol that she cannot return to the prison because Tyreese will kill her, the others will not agree with her decisions, she took matters into her own hands when she did not have the right to do so, and he does not want her around his children. Rick helps her pack some supplies into another car and sends Carol off on her own.