Alerted to a bulk purchase of alarming quantities of ammonium nitrate (a fertilizer used in explosives and agriculture), Kiera and Carlos visit Roland Randol's farm to check up on such an excessively large purchase of farm fertilizer, and identify who's been purchasing it. Having tracked the source to Roland's farm, Kiera is somewhat taken aback to find Alec there, not realizing that Randol is his step-father. Kiera is shown her CMR suit is about to be restored to full functionality by Alec. Randol assures them that there has been a mistake and that he never purchased as much fertilizer as they claim. When they check the storage shed however, they find a truck rigged with the chemicals and ready for use as a bomb. It's Randol's son Julian and his friends who are looking to make a statement, even though the elder Randol has never preached violence. Events spiral and mushroom into a tense armed standoff - Carlos is shot and they are taken prisoner, but Kiera and Alec try to gain control of the situation.

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Continuum Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 A Stitch In Time May 27, 2012
1:2 Fast Times Jun 3, 2012
1:3 Wasting Time Jun 10, 2012
1:4 Matter of Time Jun 17, 2012
1:5 A Test of Time Jun 24, 2012
1:6 Time's Up Jul 8, 2012
1:7 The Politics of Time Jul 15, 2012
1:8 Playtime Jul 22, 2012
1:9 Family Time Jul 29, 2012
1:10 Endtimes Aug 5, 2012

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