Kiera and Carlos investigate a series of mysterious murders; where two victims have had large cylindrical holes incised into the backs of their necks, and were drained of endocrine fluid - in fact, the victims' pituitary glands have been removed. A review of the victims' DNA reveal a special gene, one that would be used in a futuristic super-soldier; and so they discover that the crimes were committed by Liber8. Unknown to Kiera, Liber8 is making the effort to save Travis, their leader (in the absence of Edouard Kagame; who is believed to have not survived the jump), who is quite ill and the glands are needed to synthesize a cure. He's on his death bed however leading some in the group to start jockeying for position in the hopes of replacing him. Kellog, one of the group who is going rogue from Liber8, arranges to meet Kiera and tries asking for a cease-fire with Kiera; by bringing her a gift, one that could cost her and Carlos their lives, but it may just be a trap. Ultimately both survive, and it leads to Kellog's expulsion from Liber8.

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Continuum Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 A Stitch In Time May 27, 2012
1:2 Fast Times Jun 3, 2012
1:3 Wasting Time Jun 10, 2012
1:4 Matter of Time Jun 17, 2012
1:5 A Test of Time Jun 24, 2012
1:6 Time's Up Jul 8, 2012
1:7 The Politics of Time Jul 15, 2012
1:8 Playtime Jul 22, 2012
1:9 Family Time Jul 29, 2012
1:10 Endtimes Aug 5, 2012

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