Kiera tries to find the members of Liber8 before they do more damage. The Liber8 freedom fighters are trying to return back to their own time. Kiera knows this, and has every intention of using this opportunity to travel along with them so she can reunite with her family. Their first attempt fails but when Liber8 kidnap a university physicist, Kiera knows exactly where to find them. Meanwhile, Kiera's pretense of being a Portland police officer doesn't last very long - her cover is blown, and she soon finds herself under arrest by her partner on the VPD, Carlos. When Kiera discovers Liber8's plan to make a second attempt, she manages to get free and has to escape, and then approach her sworn enemies alone. Ultimately the attempt fails, and a despondent Kiera is forced to accept she may be stuck in 2012, although, with Alec's help, she creates a profile for herself that convinces the police that she is a government agent so deep undercover that they can't possibly figure out who she really works for. One member of the terrorist group, Matthew Kellog, has decided to stay and not return to his own time.

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Continuum Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 A Stitch In Time May 27, 2012
1:2 Fast Times Jun 3, 2012
1:3 Wasting Time Jun 10, 2012
1:4 Matter of Time Jun 17, 2012
1:5 A Test of Time Jun 24, 2012
1:6 Time's Up Jul 8, 2012
1:7 The Politics of Time Jul 15, 2012
1:8 Playtime Jul 22, 2012
1:9 Family Time Jul 29, 2012
1:10 Endtimes Aug 5, 2012

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