Travis survived his shooting by Sonja at the end of Season 1 and was jailed in the same prison as Julian. A group of skinheads try to intimidate Julian and Travis defends him. As a result, he is to be transferred to a different location. This is a part of a plan by Sonja to kill him. The Vancouver PD is worried about an attempt to free Travis during the transfer, so a decoy convoy is sent out, with Keira and Fonegra traveling with Travis in the real paddy-wagon. Both the decoy and the real prisoner transfer vehicle are attacked, by remotely detonated bomb and remotely controlled machine gun in the case of the decoy. While Keira is trying to drive the wagon after the driver is shot by a pursuing vehicle, Travis breaks free of his restraints and fights with Fonegra in the back. After shaking off an attack by men in a car, they are chased by a helicopter and take refuge in a road tunnel. The helicopter lands in front of them and the car approaches from behind. The men in the helicopter fire a rocket-propelled grenade at the car, killing its occupants and then proceed to attack Keira and Carlos with automatic rifles. After running out of ammunition, Keira uses her suit to provide a force-field to protect her and Carlos as they flee. Travis is freed and Garza turns out to be part of the helicopter team. Meanwhile, Kellogg approaches Alec with a proposed partnership, which Alec at first refuses because he is worried that it would lead to helping create the future that his future self asked him to avoid. In the end, he reconsiders after being told by a customer to clean up the customer's child's spilled slushie. Gardiner thinks Keira is the mole feeding Liber8 information from the police department and confronts her. Keira suggests to Carlos that Gardiner might be the mole.

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Continuum Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Second Chances Apr 21, 2013
2:2 Split Second Apr 28, 2013
2:3 Second Thoughts May 5, 2013
2:4 Second Skin May 12, 2013
2:5 Second Opinion May 26, 2013
2:6 Second Truths Jun 2, 2013
2:7 Second Degree Jun 9, 2013
2:8 Second Listen Jun 16, 2013
2:9 Seconds Jul 7, 2013
2:10 Second Wave Jul 14, 2013
2:11 Second Guess Jul 21, 2013
2:12 Second Last Jul 28, 2013
2:13 Second Time Aug 4, 2013

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