Following the events of the Season One finale, Kiera decides to work on the edge of the law, getting support and resources from her friends at Vancouver P.D., while keeping their hands clean of her tactics. Alec is at odds over the death of his step father, arrest of his step brother, and the message from his future self. He moves in with some buddies, gets a job at a Memory Express hi-tech store, and refuses to answer Kiera's calls. When Vancouver's mayor is assassinated, Kiera works on the case with her former police department partner, Carlos Fonnegra, with CSIS Agent Gardiner dogging her for answers about her forcefield and invisibility. Kiera eventually gets Alec to call her and help out, also returning to the police when Carlos points out that her recent capture of a gang member may be jeopardized when the case goes to court due to her unaffiliated status. Gardiner catches up with Kiera when she is investigating the apartment from which the assassin fired the shots and demands answers with a gun. Kiera tells him that she is a time traveler from 2077, but before the conversation can go further, Fonnegra shows up with backup. Kiera tells Alec she will confront and destroy Liber8, and its growing band of 2013 followers, to preserve the future. Alec is uncertain, asking if they should trust the message from his future self (Kiera says it is 50/50). A flash forward finally reveals the message that Alec and Kiera have seen - Alec 2077 is proud of the tech-smart legacy that "their" father taught them, he regrets his part in helping the corporate-dominated future unfold, and young Alec is the only chance to stop it. Unknown to Kiera and Alec 2013, Alec 2077 had loaded data directly into Kiera 2077's brain chips (CMR).

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Continuum Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Second Chances Apr 21, 2013
2:2 Split Second Apr 28, 2013
2:3 Second Thoughts May 5, 2013
2:4 Second Skin May 12, 2013
2:5 Second Opinion May 26, 2013
2:6 Second Truths Jun 2, 2013
2:7 Second Degree Jun 9, 2013
2:8 Second Listen Jun 16, 2013
2:9 Seconds Jul 7, 2013
2:10 Second Wave Jul 14, 2013
2:11 Second Guess Jul 21, 2013
2:12 Second Last Jul 28, 2013
2:13 Second Time Aug 4, 2013

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