The FBI raid V3's offices and seize evidence under a sealed warrant. Connor and Troy suspect SBG, but a senior V3 finance officer named Carl comes to Dani and says that he is to blame, as he has been stealing from the company. Dani urges him to confess and seek a plea deal, and arranges for an interview with an FBI contact of Nico's. But Carl instead commits suicide, leaving Dani a brief note and a flash drive. Meanwhile, Troy enlists Paloma to spy on Dani, Nico sets a deadline for the end of his cooperation with the Federal agent, Sheera helps TK attend a charity event and still make his pre-game curfew, and Dani's new LA friend breaks off their relationship after a mutually satisfying fling.

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Necessary Roughness Season 3

# Title Air Date
Necessary Roughness
3:1 Ch-Ch-Changes Jun 12, 2013
3:2 Gimme Some Lovin' Jun 19, 2013
3:6 Good Will Haunting Jun 24, 2013
3:3 Swimming With Sharks Jun 26, 2013
3:4 Snap Out of It Jul 10, 2013
3:5 V3 For Vendetta Jul 17, 2013
3:7 Bringing the Heat Jul 31, 2013
3:8 The Game's Afoot Aug 7, 2013
3:9 Sucker Punch Aug 14, 2013
3:10 Sympathy For the Devil Aug 21, 2013

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