While Dr. Santino and Matt ponder their relationship status, Dr. Dani has a patient, who is a bull rider, that never properly grieved after his father's death. A reporter comes in to interview the team, mainly T.K. and Damon Razor, asking questions regarding T.K.'s shooting and the after affects and also asking Damon Razor about his childhood life. Coach Purnell, Dr. Dani, Matt, and Nico discover T.K. is exhibiting some strange behavior after an interview with the reporter. Nico tells the reporter to back off of T.K. and Damon, but she threatens that she has a sexual harassment suit against a team player. Nico and Matt have to choose to believe her or T.K., they initially believe T.K. until Nico finds security video of the Hawks locker room where T.K. flashed the reporter. Meanwhile, Ray J.'s girlfriend Olivia breaks up with him shortly before she moves away and in the end, Matt is back with Dr. Dani.

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Necessary Roughness Season 2

# Title Air Date
Necessary Roughness
2:1 Shrink or Swim Jun 6, 2012
2:2 To Swerve and Protect Jun 13, 2012
2:3 Wide Deceiver Jun 20, 2012
2:4 Slumpbuster Jun 27, 2012
2:5 Mr. Irrelevant Jul 11, 2012
2:6 What's Eating You? Jul 18, 2012
2:7 Spell It Out Jul 25, 2012
2:8 A Load of Bull Aug 1, 2012
2:9 Might as Well Face It Aug 15, 2012
2:10 Double Fault Aug 22, 2012
2:11 All the King's Horses Aug 29, 2012
2:12 Frozen Fish Sticks Jan 23, 2013
2:13 Hits and Myths Jan 30, 2013
2:14 The Fall Guy Feb 6, 2013
2:15 Regret Me Not Feb 13, 2013
2:16 There's the Door Feb 20, 2013

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