In a flashforward, an unkempt Walter arrives at his dilapidated and fenced off abandoned house. He grabs the vial of ricin, but is noticed by his neighbor, Carol. When Walter greets her, she drops her groceries in apparent shock. The narrative returns to immediately after the last scene in the previous episode. Hank's realization that Walter White may be Heisenberg causes him to have a panic attack while driving home with Marie, crashing the car. This gives him an excuse to call out of work as ASAC of the Albuquerque DEA office. However, he takes the opportunity to request all files of the Fring case and matches the handwriting in Walter's copy of Leaves of Grass with that of Gale. Meanwhile, Jesse is in a volatile downward spiral similar to his state after Jane's death. He attempts to donate all his money to the Sharp family and Kaylee Ehrmantraut using Saul Goodman causing Walt to show up at his house and emphatically deny killing Mike. Meanwhile Walt's cancer returns. After a chemo treatment, he finds his copy of Leaves of Grass missing. Alarmed at the coincidental timing of Hank's illness, Walt immediately searches for and finds a GPS tracker on his car. When he confronts Hank, Hank punches Walter and tells him that he's aware of what he's done. Walter pleads with Hank, reasoning that he will soon die anyhow and that prosecuting him would be pointless. Hank, now in shock more than anger says, "I don't even know you." Walter replies threateningly, saying, "If that's true—if you don't know who I am—then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."

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