Kim announces a new partner at the firm, shocking Jane and Grayson. Jane struggles to keep her personal feelings aside after Owen assigns her the case of a jilted bride who's suing her former fiancee for damages. Kim and Grayson represent a surrogate mother looking for the missing parents of the child she is about to deliver. Stacy gets discouraged when she seeks advice from business mogul Barbara Corcoran about making The Pakery profitable. Jane and Stacy have a new house guest when Paul crashes at their apartment. Jane finally gets the chance to make a full apology to Owen, but it doesn't work out like she'd hoped.

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Drop Dead Diva
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5:3 Surrogates Jul 7, 2013
5:4 Cheaters Jul 14, 2013
5:5 Secret Lives Jul 21, 2013
5:6 Fool for Love Jul 28, 2013
5:7 Missed Congeniality Aug 4, 2013
5:8 50 Shades of Grayson Aug 11, 2013


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