Scott, Stonebridge, Markunda and Othmani are holed up in a farmhouse in the Algerian Hoggar Mountains. As the local farmer patches up Othmani, El Soldat's men arrive and destroy their transport. After Scott and Stonebridge defeat the first wave of attackers, they wait until nightfall to escape. However they are prevented from doing so by Matlock and Kohl. Meanwhile, Major Oliver Sinclair (Stone) learns that Dalton had a sexual relationship with Othmani while working in intelligence. After meeting Bryant, Dalton learns that El Soldat plans to betray Othmani after gaining his hands on the triggers. After talking with Othmani, he reveals that he had the triggers with him the entire time. A second wave of El Soldat's men attacks the house. Othmani, realising that Dalton told the truth about his brother, blows himself and his brother up. However, Matlock and Kohl confiscate the triggers. Hanson arrives in Cape Town to work for Knox.

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Strike Back Season 3

# Title Air Date
Strike Back
3:1 Episode 1 Aug 17, 2012
3:2 Episode 2 Aug 17, 2012
3:3 Episode 3 Aug 24, 2012
3:4 Episode 4 Aug 31, 2012
3:5 Episode 5 Sep 7, 2012
3:6 Episode 6 Sep 14, 2012
3:7 Episode 7 Sep 21, 2012
3:8 Episode 8 Sep 28, 2012
3:9 Episode 9 Oct 5, 2012
3:10 Episode 10 Oct 12, 2012

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